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The problem is that Givens' own testimony indicated that he had NOT seen Oswald reading the newspaper in the Domino Room before work on the 22nd: 

Mr. BELIN. Did you see him come into the domino room at all?

Mr. GIVENS. Not that morning, no, sir; I didn't.

Mr. BELIN. When did you leave the domino room to go up to the sixth floor?

Mr. GIVENS. 8 o'clock.

Mr. BELIN.. At 8 o'clock?

Mr. GIVENS. Yes, sir.

Mr. BELIN. So you don't feel he came in the domino room before 8 o'clock?

Mr. GIVENS. No, sir; not that morning he didn't.

( 6 H 348 )

I believe that this testimony also shows that Oswald and Frazier were late for work that day. Givens arrived at work at 7:45 ( 6 H 347 ) and left the Domino Room at 8 am and Oswald had not yet come in.

At no time did Givens ever say that he saw Oswald reading the paper on the 22nd prior to 8 am.

There is no evidence in support of Shanklin's report saying that Givens saw Oswald at 7:50. 

IMO, the 7:50 timeframe is a lie created by the FBI. 

The evidence IMO, just doesn't support it.

Givens also testified that when he usually saw him reading it, it was "right at lunch time" and that Oswald always ate lunch in the Domino Room.

Mr. BELIN. Did you ever observe Lee Oswald getting the newspaper in the domino room shortly before lunch on days other than November 22d?

Mr. GIVENS. Not before lunch. It would be right at lunch time.

Mr. BELIN. Right at lunch time?

Mr. GIVENS. Yes, sir. We always ate in there.

Mr. BELIN. Would Oswald always eat in there?

Mr. GIVENS. Yes, sir.

( 6 H 354 )

But there is evidence supporting Oswald being in the first floor Domino Room at 11:50.

It comes in the testimony of William Shelley, Oswald's boss.

Mr. BALL. On November 22, 1963, the day the President was shot, when is the last time you saw Oswald?

Mr. SHELLEY. It was 10 or 15 minutes before 12.

Mr. BALL. Where?

Mr. SHELLEY. On the first floor over near the telephone.

( 7 H 390 )

Janitor Eddie Piper also saw Oswald on the first floor at about noon:

Mr. BALL. Was that the last time you saw him?

Mr. PIPER. Just at 12 o'clock.

Mr. BALL. Where were you at 12 o'clock?

Mr. PIPER. Down on the first floor.

( 6 H 383 )

These sightings of Oswald on the first floor between 11:45 and 12:00 give credibility to Givens' original account of seeing Oswald reading the newspaper in the Domino Room at 11:50 am. They also imply that Givens changed his story ( to that he had not seen Oswald at all that day ) under tremendous pressure. 

Add to these the account of Carolyn Arnold, who told the FBI that after she left the building, she caught a glimpse of someone she thought was Oswald on the first floor:

The Shanklin Report : More Lies

Evidence Oswald was on the 1st floor minutes before the shooting
"Oswald was seen in the vicinity of the southeast corner of the sixth floor approximately 35 minutes before the assassination and no one could be found who saw Oswald anywhere else in the building until after the shooting." ( Report Chap. 4, pg. 156 )


Oswald's whereabouts between 11:45am and 12:25pm is documented by 4 different witnesses who claimed to have seen him on the first floor. He himself told Dallas Homicide Captain Will Fritz that he was on the first floor in the "Domino Room" at the time of the assassination having his lunch.

Witness Arnold Rowland saw a man in a sixth floor window with a rifle at 12:15 pm.

( 2 H 169 )

But no less than 4 witnesses reported seeing Oswald on the first floor between 11:45 am and 12:15 pm.

Charles Givens told the FBI that he saw Oswald reading a newspaper in the domino room at 11:50 am.


So Rowland saw the man in the window with the rifle prior to 12:16, at a time when the evidence clearly has Oswald on the first floor for at least nine more minutes.

Even if Arnold had seen Oswald on the first floor "a few minutes before 12:15" as the FBI had said, he would not have had enough time to ascend to the sixth floor, assemble the rifle and arrange the boxes in order to be in the window before 12:16.

Like I said,
IMPOSSIBLEfor Oswald to have been that man.

Further evidence that Oswald was not on the sixth floor between 12 and 12:15 comes from Bonnie Ray Williams:

Mr. DULLES. .....When you were on the sixth floor eating your lunch, did you hear anything that made you feel that there was anybody else on the sixth floor with you?

Mr. WILLIAMS. No, sir; I didn't hear anything.

Mr. DULLES. You did not see anything?

Mr. WILLIAMS. I did not see anything.

Mr. DULLES. You were all alone as far as you knew at that time on the sixth floor?

Mr. WILLIAMS. Yes, sir.

Mr. DULLES. During that period of from 12 o'clock about to--10 or 15 minutes after?

Mr. WILLIAMS. Yes, sir. I felt like I was all alone. That is one of the reasons I left--because it was so quiet.

( 3 H 178 )

So if Carolyn Arnold left the building at 12:25 pm to watch the parade and while she was standing outside the building she saw Lee Harvey Oswald on the first floor "standing between the front door and the double doors leading to the warehouse", he could not have been the killer of President Kennedy.

It also means that the FBI lied in its report regarding the time which she claimed to have seen him. They had reason to. They needed Oswald in that sixth floor window at 12:25. To have a witness who put him someplace else would destroy their case against him. So they changed the timeframe to reflect "a few minutes before 12:15" rather than a few minutes after 12:25, in order to get Oswald in the window at the time of the shooting.

BTW, Ms. Arnold was never called as a witness by the Warren Commission.

The sightings by these four witnesses of Oswald on the first floor BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER Arnold Rowland saw a man on the sixth floor with a rifle in his hands, make it
IMPOSSIBLE for Oswald to have been that man.

Mr. ROWLAND. .....just before I observed him there was a police motorcycle parked just on the street, not in front of us, just a little past us, and the radio was on it giving the details of the motorcade, where it was positioned, and right after the time I noticed him ..... the dispatcher came on and gave the position of the motorcade as being on Cedar Springs. This would be in the area of Turtle Creek, down in that area. I can't remember the street's name but I know where it is at. And this was the position of the motorcade and it was about 15 or 16 after 12.

( 2 H 172 -173 )

The transcript of the Dallas Police radio transmissions showed that Rowland was correct. The motorcade turned onto Cedar Springs at 12:16 pm :

The green arrow above notes that the time she claimed to have seen Oswald was "a few minutes before 12:15". But that time was changed. Her original statement indicated that she had left the building at 12:25, a fact that she repeated in a March 1964 affidavit:

But during his WC testimony, Givens lied.

Mr. BELIN. Did you see Lee Oswald anywhere else in the building between 11:55 and the time you left the building?

Mr. GIVENS. No, sir.

Mr. BELIN. On November 22d?

Mr. GIVENS. No, sir.

Mr. BELIN. Did you see him in the domino room at all around anywhere between 11:30 and 12 or 12:30?

Mr. GIVENS. No, sir.

Mr. BELIN. Did you see him reading the newspaper?

Mr. GIVENS. No; not that day. .... I didn't see him in the domino room that morning.

( 6 H 352 )

Mr. BELIN. Did you ever tell anyone that you saw Lee Oswald reading a newspaper in the domino room around 11:50, 10 minutes to 12 on that morning on November 22nd?

Mr. GIVENS. No, sir.

( 6 H 354 )

Of course this was a lie. The above FBI interview indicated that Givens had told them just exactly that.

The Commission never confronted Givens with the FBI report. They just asked him if he said it, and when he lied, they let it go.

The "Junior" he referred to was James "Junior" Jarman and the other man was Harold Norman. In his WC testimony, Jarman admitted being in the Domino Room at the time Oswald said he was, but denied seeing Oswald. He said that after descending from the sixth floor, he went down to the first floor to wash up. Then he picked up his lunch from the Domino Room and went upstairs to the second floor to buy a soda from the machine, and returned to the "Domino Room" where he ate a part of his sandwich while standing, then walked around on the first floor eating his sandwich and drinking his soda.

( 3 H 201 )

Norman, for his part, also ate his lunch in the Domino Room and although he admitted that there was someone else there with him, he "could not remember who ate in the domino room with me ".

Mr. BALL. Where were you when you ate your lunch?
Mr. NORMAN. In the domino room, as I recall.
Mr. BALL. Who was with you at that time?
Mr. NORMAN. I can't remember who ate in the lunchroom, I mean the domino room, with me.
Mr. BALL. Did some other employees eat there?
Mr. NORMAN. I think there was someone else in there...

( 3 H 189 )

Among the photographs that comprise Commission Document 496 is a group of photographs of the "Domino Room". Those photos show the room wide open and without an obstructed view.

Here's a look at the room starting at the door and working counter-clockwise:

The "Domino Room" was a recreation room on the first floor ( outlined in red above ) where the employees would take their breaks. The lunchroom was on the second floor, but many of the warehouse employees used the first floor "Domino Room" to eat lunch as well as play dominoes.

During questioning by FBI agent James W. Bookhout, Oswald offered as proof of his presence in the Domino Room the fact that he saw two "Negro employees", one he recognized as "Junior" and a shorter man whose name he did not recall.

There's no way Norman could "think" there was someone else with him. His view was unobstructed. If there was someone else in the room with him, he KNEW it.

Norman's lack of memory of who had lunch with him on such a historical day as the day the President of the United States was assassinated is strange indeed.

During his testimony, his memory did not fail him for much less historically significant events.

For example, he easily remembered his work history.

He remembered that after getting out of school, he worked at a Chevrolet dealership washing cars. He also had no problem recalling that he started working at the Texas School Book Depository in 1961. ( 3 H 187 )

He remembered how a friend who worked at the TSBD got him the job there. ( 3 H 196 )

His memory also did not fail him in his recollection of other events that occurred on November 22, 1963.

He remembered that after eating his lunch, he stood on the sidewalk with Danny Arce and remembered seeing Roy Truly and TSBD Vice President O.V. Campbell and Billy Lovelady outside as well. ( 3 H 189 )

And he remembered returning to the building with James Jarman. ( 3 H 190 )

He remembered coming out of the building after the shooting and seeing Howard Brennan. ( 3 H 197 )

He remembered being interviewed by and FBI agent named Kreutzer on November 26th. ( 3 H 196 )

All of these details Harold Norman could remember, but who he had lunch with in the "Domino Room" he could not remember.

Norman gave his testimony on Tuesday, March 24, 1964. It's difficult to believe that at that time, he would not have known the identity of Lee Harvey Oswald, even if he had not known Oswald's name prior to the assassination.

Could the other person in the Domino Room have been someone other than Oswald ?

The FBI never investigated or determined who that person was.

And here's something for the reader to consider:

If Oswald had been on the sixth floor prior to 12:15, as the Commission believed, it was a remarkable coincidence that out of all of the employees of the TSBD, Oswald was able to pick out two who were together as he claimed, on the same floor as he claimed, in the same room as he claimed and at the same time as he claimed.

Oswald could not have told the FBI that Jarman and a short Negro employee were together on the first floor unless he had seen this himself . And for Oswald to have observed this, he would have had to have been on the first floor between 12:10 and 12:15. The fact that he was able to relate this incident is evidence that he was on the first floor until at least 12:15.

And there is more evidence that Oswald was on the first floor. Testimony by Oswald's co-workers proved that he always ate lunch in the first floor Domino Room and some testified that it was not odd for him to leave the building after lunch:

Bonnie Ray Williams

"...he would come into the lunchroom sometimes and eat a sandwich maybe, and then he would go for a walk, and he would go out." 

( 3 H 164 ) 

Billy Lovelady

Mr. BALL Did Oswald ever eat lunch with you?

Mr. LOVELADY. He ate two or three times in that little domino room, but not by himself, with the rest of the boys.

( 6 H 337

Charles Givens

Mr. GIVENS. ..... We always ate in there. ( the Domino Room )

Mr. BELIN. Would Oswald always eat in there? 

Mr. GIVENS. Yes, sir.

( 6 H 354 )

James "Junior" Jarman

Mr. JARMAN. I mean sometimes he would go out of the building. One time I know in particular that he went out, but he didn't buy any lunch.

Mr. BALL. There is a catering service that comes by the building every morning at 10 o'clock, isn't there?

Mr. JARMAN. Yes, sir.

Mr. BALL. Did you ever see him buy his lunch from this catering service?

Mr. JARMAN. I think once or twice he did.

Mr. BALL. Did you ever see him when he was eating his lunch? 

Mr. JARMAN. Yes. 

Mr. BALL. Where?

Mr. JARMAN. Sometimes in the, as we called it, domino room, and again over coffee table where they make coffee. 

Mr. BALL. Is that the first floor? 

Mr. JARMAN. That is the first floor.

( 3 H 200 )

These co-workers of Oswald all testified that Oswald ate his lunch in the first floor Domino Room. Givens went so far to say that Oswald always ate lunch there. Williams and Jarman gave testimony that proved that Oswald's leaving the building after lunch was not out of the ordinary.

In the Domino Room

"I asked him what part of the building at the time the President was shot. He said he was having lunch at about this time on the first floor." --testimony of Dallas Police Captain J. Will Fritz ( 4 H 231 ).